Professional practice

The Firm is devoted to the professional practice in the traditional branches of Law, mainly in the civil, commercial and labor areas.

We have also developed a Judicial and Extrajudicial Negotiation and Mediation area with successful management in the early resolution of disputes.

Mr. Daniel Crespo is well-known for having an active role in the origin and development of Sports Law in Argentina. As a result of having been a professional football player at River Plate Club, his relationship with those within this field and his condition of former football player decisively influenced in the focus of the Firm since 1980 on the Sports Law segment together with the civil, commercial and labor areas.

In this particular field, for more than 20 years, we have been dealing with different matters, related to various sports disciplines. We advice and act on behalf of numerous Argentine and foreign clubs, football players and coaches, agents and private investors, both in the contractual field and in the national and international disputes that may arise in relation to this particular area.

Our legal performance is carried out before ordinary courts and before the different arbitration and dispute resolution bodies and courts, in particular, FIFA and the Court for Arbitration of Sport (TAS-CAS).

All of this requires precise specialization in and knowledge of the statutes and federative regulations and the national laws of the different countries involved, with special attention to the Swiss legislation, bearing in mind that the most important courts in this area are headquartered there.

Numerous cases carried out by our Firm have established legal precedent on fundamental questions of sports law.

Throughout all these years, we have also succeeded in building a reliable relationship with distinguished law firms in other countries, which is a vital tool in order to properly deal with issues at the international level.


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